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Số lượt truy cập: 10.500.657
Số người đang xem:  122
Honeywell 5828
Honeywell 5828

Honeywell 5828

Cập nhật cuối lúc 20:42 ngày 13/12/2016, Đã xem 553 lần
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  Đơn giá bán: Liên hệ
  VAT: Đã bao gồm VAT
  Model: 5828
  Tình trạng: Còn hàng   Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

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The Honeywell 5828 is a wireless alarm keypad with a fixed English display. The 5828 should not be used as your security system’s primary alarm keypad nor should it be used to program your security system. However, it is an ideal option for easily adding an extra alarm keypad to your Honeywell security system without having to run a wire. Once the wireless alarm keypad has been programmed to your security system, you can use the 5828 for all common system functions (arming, disarming, checking status, etc.).

The 5828 wireless alarm keypad is compatible with all Honeywell LYNX control panels (except for original LYNX panels that are less than revision 10) and with Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panels that have been upgraded with a Honeywell 6150RF, Honeywell 6160RF, or Honeywell 5883H as the wireless keypad is a bi-directional device that needs a transmitter module as well as a wireless receiver. The 5828 does not use up one of your security system’s wireless zones and therefore you can install an unlimited amount of wireless alarm keypads. However, as the device is sending and receiving data, the FCC has stricter requirements and the wireless range of the 5828 is only 50' nominal from the wireless transceiver.

We recommend wall mounting the Honeywell 5828 for best wireless reception. However, there is a 5828DM desk mount kit that would allow you to prop your keypad on a desk or nightstand. The 5828DM desk mount kit also includes an AC transformer. The 5828 is normally powered with (3) AA alkaline batteries. To preserve battery life, the LCD screen of the alarm keypad will turn off after (15) seconds of inactivity. The only way to wake up the 5828 to use it again, once it has gone to “sleep,” is to press the [*] key. When the security system is armed and an entry/exit zone is tripped, the 5828 wireless alarm keypad will only beep for delay warning during the last (10) seconds of the entry delay. If the keypad is currently in “sleep” more when the entry delay zone is tripped, it would never beep. You would have to remember to press the [*] key and then the keypad will wake up and start the entry delay countdown when (10) seconds remain.

If you desire always on functionality from your 5828, you can purchase the K0991 AC transformer on its own or along with the desk mount. When plugged into the back of the wireless keypad and into an open wall outlet, the AC transformer will prevent the 5828 from entering sleep mode. Even when using the optional AC transformer, batteries should be installed as well for best wireless reception and to provide power during a power outage. Do not remove the back cover from your Honeywell wireless alarm keypad while the K0991 transformer is connected; damage will occur.

As the Honeywell 5828 is not a talking alarm keypad, it does not have the voice chime feature. You would need to purchase the Honeywell 5828V instead, if you desire your wireless alarm keypad to speak the zone descriptor when perimeter zones are opened. The 5828 does support the regular chime option though.

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