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Số lượt truy cập: 11.004.508
Số người đang xem:  145
ACTi E53
ACTi E53

ACTi E53

Cập nhật cuối lúc 14:01 ngày 02/11/2016, Đã xem 714 lần
Có 0 người đã bình chọn
  Đơn giá bán: Liên hệ
  VAT: Liên hệ
  Model: E53
  Hãng SX: ACTi
  Tình trạng: Còn hàng   Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

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ACTi E53 3 MegaPixel Full HD Dome Security Camera (IR Day/Night)
The ACTi E53 3 Megapixel IR Dome IP Camera (IR Day/Night) is a high impact, low cost solution for any indoor IP surveillance system. It is packed with powerful features for quality standards like full 3 megapixel resolution at 15fps real-motion or 1080P HD at real-time 30fps. Compression methods H.264 and MJPEG ensure high quality video streaming with dual stream support. Integrated IR LEDs illuminate perfectly even in total darkness for crisp, highly detailed video with DNR. Another enhancement is the basic WDR attributes for high contrast environments. It's ONVIF compliance comes in handy too.
The E53 can magnify image details with superb clarity, and its wide angle 3.6mm lens is good for general coverage needs. It is provided with a dome housing, which allows it to work in extreme temperatures. Designed for indoor installation, the E53 has an integrated PCB lens with a fixed aperture. Intelligent on-board qualities range from automated event detection and notifications, including edge-based motion detection to compression stream settings with bit rate control. The motion detection feature triggers an alarm when movement is detected in a designated portion of the video display. Privacy masking function allows you to block certain portions of an image for security reasons. The units meet countless IT standards for network protocol communications and security settings. These cameras are an easy choice for price and performance. With a great collection of features like single cable installation with PoE, easy camera setup and effective results, the ACTi E53 3 megapixel HD IR Dome Camera (IR Day/Night) will exceed your expectations.
Key Features of the ACTi E53 3 MegaPixel Full HD Dome Security Camera (IR Day/Night)
  • IR cut filter: true day/night functionality
  • ONVIF: integration with third party software and applications
  • PoE: only a single cable is required for power and data transfer over the network
  • Progressive scan CMOS: captures still and moving images
  • WDR: captures images in varied light conditions
  • IR LEDs: records even in total darkness
Firmware Access Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or newer (full functionality); Other browsers with VLC installed (partial functionality)
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